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Retirement Income Planning

Offering retirement income planning strategies to pave the way towards your retirement goals.

Bear Market Survival Guide:

How to Overcome Retirement Income Changes & Protect Yourself from Market Volatility

Retirement Strategies to Help Make Your Vision of Retirement a Reality

For many of us, retirement can seem like a distant dream – something you “hope” happens someday if you can save enough along the way. While it’s great to have hope, backing it up with a real plan will significantly increase the chances of achieving your dream. Buettner Retirement Strategies will work with you to understand your goals and translate it into an actionable plan.

Zach Buettner

Zach Buettner is a Licensed Insurance Professional and has been dedicated to serving the retirement income needs of his clients since 2015. He creates customized strategies to help create a retirement income stream, plan for taxes and legacy issues, as well as review Medicare and Social Security options. Offering personalized service in an honest, thorough and caring way, he prides himself on leaving no stone unturned when designing each client plan. He does his best to simplify the complex to create a sense of ease so that clients feel comfortable in moving into the retirement phase of life.

Get Started With Our Retire Right Roadmap


What do you see your retirement taking you? We will help you recognize the most important aspects of planning for your retirement future.


We will review your current financial situation and discover how we can potentially meet your future retirement income needs.


We develop a strategy that is specific to your unique retirement goals so that you have a clear road to retirement.


We will keep you up-to-date on the performance of your strategy and take necessary action on improving your current plan.


We will conduct regular check-ins to discuss your strategy’s performance and plan for any future retirement needs.

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Our Services Offer a Holistic Retirement Strategy to Help Meet Your Retirement Goals

A comprehensive plan has many facets designed to cover your wants and needs. Buettner Retirement Strategies provides well-rounded services to support your future retirement goals.

Retirement Income Planning

Legacy Planning

Tax Minimization Strategies

Life Insurance

Long-Term Care

Social Security Maximization

Disability Insurance

Medicare Supplements

Bear Market Survival Guide: How to Overcome Retirement Income Changes & Protect Yourself from Market Volatility

Inflation is at a record high. The global supply chains and labor markets are tight, causing severe delays and sales disruptions. Interest rates are on the rise. And the war between Russian and Ukraine has rattled global stability. A bear market can have more profound consequences as you approach retirement, which could have a real impact on your standard of living.

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